Tuesday, January 29, 2013

i'm back from the dead! *zombie mode*

oh wow! i never thought it would take this long before i can update my blog again. lol like what.. 5 months? jeez. been chaotically busy at work. just a lil update of me, i'm currently part of Tropa Entertainment and we are making a game for Bigfish games. I really didn't expect at first that i would be part of the team. and here i am now, one of the concept and asset artist. it's a fun and exciting work despite the pressures and stress. and i really learned and improved a lot on the process. it's still on going. hoping to finish it by march.

i'm seriously miss making some personal works. with the pressures at work, i can't really have the time to just sit and draw anything under the sun doing some serious shits just for nothing. oh well. i was able to make some small sketches lately though. still can't post the works i made for the game 'til its release. may or june maybe.

that's it. lots of work this year. work work work all year round. but it's my year! snaaaaaaaaakes! sssssss. so i hope it'll bring good luck.

'No Face'

Jake x Totoro