Friday, September 6, 2013



September 5 - Another ordinary-boring-working day turns out to be an extraordinary one!  Ballistic Publishing sent me a gift. My very first free copy of Expose 11! Woohooooo!
Been patiently waiting for months since they emailed me back last April that one of my submitted works was shortlisted for inclusion. And I made it!!!

My piece entitled "Follow Me Yawn" (Lower Left) was included for the final publishing! Sooo ()*@&#!)#*)!@(*# I can't.. uuhhh!! hahaha
Feeling so happy right now. Thank you God for another blessing! This year is having a blast so far!

You can see the full res of my work here:
And here are some not-so-latest works I had in the past few months. 

Gatchaman / G - Force

"Spawn Apocalypse"