Sunday, May 1, 2011

"first" post

*warning: very long dramatic introduction* :P

Hello everybody! My first post will show you where and when I started digital painting and 3d rendering. I really love sketching and painting, yes.. a lot! I've been doing a lot of sketches/doodles at school, even during class hours. :)) Last year, a very good friend of mine, who is also a digital artist, inspired me to study digital painting. I quickly bought a cheap pen&tablet just for practicing purposes. The image below is the very first artwork I made in my digital painting life. A glimpse of this picture really makes me smile and remember the time how i started digital painting.  :)

And just late last year, I took up my final major requirement in my course, THESIS! :)) One major advantage for the thesis defenders were to learn how to make 3D modeling and rendering for your perspectives though there is an alternative of paying other renderers to make perspectives for you. Since I don't have the money to pay for 3d modelers/renderers,  for a span of more or less 3 months, I indulge on 3d softwares practicing how to make these 3d stuffs their talking about. Luckily, I was able to finished mostly of my thesis perspectives on my own. :) This was my first rendered 3d work.

So there you go, hints of how, where and when were my starting points back then. And these are some not-so-latest finished and unfinished works who followed.  :)

"A Bright Day"


"Bubble Girl"

"Bunny Ears "

CGHub's Creature Planet Design #26 Pokemon Redesign 'Jolteon'

CGHub's Creature Planet Design #35 'Muturian Pikos'

CGHub's Jam #33 - Bad Puppy

"Final Fantasy: The Enchanted Egg"

CGHub's Creature Planet Design  #38 - Gallacrag


"Naruto x Hinata"

"New Old Life"

"Samurai X"

Shell National Students Competition  - 'Poverty above the Stars'


"The Rainbow Collectors"

"Thinking.. Thinking"

"Tifa x Hitsugaya"

TOrCH 'Tournament of Champions' Poster

Wind of Freedom 
X-Men: Cyclops

X-Men: Cyclops Process

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